tomb stone is a mod that adds two new types of dungeons to the game, graveyards and mausoleums. In both places enemies will be generated, although in the cemeteries we are not in as much danger as in the mausoleums, which are infested with hostile creatures.

The cemeteries are located on the surface of the world, mainly in the cities, and they will generate enemies at night, while during the day we can loot the graves. The mausoleums are much more dangerous, they are surrounded by tombstones that can generate enemies and are several levels deep, with galleries and rooms, which in addition to housing enemies, can also house succulent treasures.

In addition to this, the mod will allow us to obtain tombstones of certain creatures, which we can use as spawners of mobs in survival mode, even generating charged Creepers. In addition, when our pets die, a tombstone will be created which, through a magical ritual, will allow our pet to return to life.