How to Download Shiginima Launcher Minecraft to your PC or Mac (2024)

Detailed explanation to download the Shiginima Launcher V4.400, V4.300 y V3.100 for Minecraft

The Shiginima Launcher is a well-known program for running Minecraft, especially in the English language. Formerly known as “KeiNett Launcher”, Shiginima is made with JAVA (requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run) and is one of the oldest in the Craft world. It is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

Some of the most interesting data of this Minecraft launcher is that the project server mc.keinett, runs in version 1.10. It allows the installation of more than one launcher program. It allows to play Minecraft versions from 1.0 to the latest one, adding also access to Beta and Alpha versions and Snapshot versions.

On the other hand, you can also install the game in the location that the user requires, you can also run Minecraft in the version and resolution specified by the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). From version 4100 and later, JAVA 8 or higher is required, you can download it from

To install any launcher and play Minecraft you need to have JAVA installed on your PC or Mac. You can download it from here

Shiginima Launcher Download

Links to download Shiginima Launcher V4.400, V4.300 y V3.100 for Windows (PC) and IOS (Mac).

V3.100 – PC Windows


Type: Executable Windows file (*.exe)

V3.100 – Mac o Linux 


Type: JAR archive (*.jar)

V4.300 – PC Windows 


Type: Executable Windows file (*.exe)

V4.300 – Mac o Linux


Type: JAR archive (*.jar)

V4.400 – PC Windows


Type: Executable Windows file (*.exe)

V4.400 – Mac o Linux


Type: JAR archive (*.jar)

Team Shiginima official website down

At this time the official website seems to be down. However we can still download the installer from our links without problems. We will keep you updated if another website for Shiginima comes back.

Tutorial to download and install Launcher Shiginima on Mac OS

The first thing we have to do to download it is to go to our download links and then look for the link that says “v4.400” (This is the latest version so far), make sure you have JAVA installed first!

In the image below you can see what used to be the official Shiginima website, but today it is down and not working. You can replace the official website with our alternative. At the top of the article there is a series of links to the different virus-free versions of the shiginima launcher available.

How to download Shiginima Launcher for Minecraft
How to download Shiginima Launcher for Minecraft

We will redirect to another link where we will click again to download, the corresponding file (There are several links, patience). In this case, I’m downloading Shiginima from Mac. Let’s see how the screen looks like:

Click on the download button Launcher ShiginimaSE_v4400
Click on the download button Launcher ShiginimaSE_v4400

Here you have to click on the red button, but it could be that when you click it will take you to see an advertisement or ask you to install an add on for the browser, it is not necessary, you have to click again until the download starts.

Full download
Full download

Great. We opened the file and found the following files:

Here we have to choose the correct folder for our computer (Linux and Mac or PC with Windows), within each folder we find the corresponding installers, .jar for Mac and Linux and .exe for Windows.


We can also see the file “Important.txt” translated into Spanish where we see the following text:

There is a common error that makes the game not start correctly and turns off the “play” button. To fix this, delete your .minecraft folder.

To see if you’re affected by the error, a sample error is provided:

————————————————– —————————————-

The ‘Version and libraries’ task was successfully completed
Launching game
Looking for old natives to clean …
Fatal error when starting the game. Report this to please!
at net.minecraft.launcher.GameLauncher.cleanOldNatives (
at net.minecraft.launcher.GameLauncher.launchGame (
at net.minecraft.launcher.GameLauncher.onDownloadJobFinished (
at (
at $ 000 (
at $ (
in java.util.concurrent.Executors $ (source unknown)
in (source unknown)
in java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker (Unknown source)
in java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor $ Worker.
————————————————– —————————————-

.minecraft / minecraft folder locations

Windows =% appdata% \. Minecraft
Linux = ~ / .minecraft
Mac OS X = ~ / Library / Application Support / minecraft


I attach the changelog translated into Spanish so you can check it here whenever you want.

================================================== ================================================== ==
== LAST CHANGE ============================================== ====================================
================================================== ================================================== ==

Registration change v4,400 (January 31, 2020)
– Corrected incompatibility with 1.13 forge and above
– Update the news URL and add the server list placeholder

================================================== ================================================== ==
== PREVIOUS CHANGES ============================================== ====================================
================================================== ================================================== ==

Registration change v1.405
– Sponges added
– More sponges were added
– Fixed a problem where profiles were being removed
– Sponges removed
– Re-attached sponges
– Sponging some mistakes
– Considering adding more topics; undecided

Registration change v1.406
– The existing user login pop-up that caused many problems with
login and start minecraft. Note: You will now need to enter your
user name each time you log in.

Registration change v1,500
– Added the ability to save user names so you don’t have to type them
every time you start the launcher.
– Fixed the UUID problem and now issues a static UUID per username
– Corrected the problem of achievement savings

Registration change v1,550:
– Added automatic login functionality
– The way in which the user name data is stored was modified
– Updated login screen
– Eliminated gradually the cat

Registration change v1,600:
– Fixed user interface errors
– Updated storage system
– Updated source code
– Added news tab
– Added support for multiple languages

Registry change v1.601 (revision):
– Updated Portuguese translations
– Unnecessary dependencies were eliminated

Registry change v1.602:
– Updated version number

Change log v2,000: (April 2, 2015)
– Updated startup sources for the latest Minecraft launcher (1.6.11)
– Forge now works for 1.8 along with all the newest modifications that exist
– Polish translation added
– With the update to the latest sources, you can now choose to play older alpha and beta versions of Minecraft
– Please, if you enjoy this game, consider buying it if possible. You get masks, which everyone can see 🙂 You can’t get that with any broken initiator.
– Accelerated the launch process
– Added our website tab to be the main
– Renewed design of the new features of our website.
– Fixed a bug that allowed you to play as a blank username
– Any other errors, please send an email to [email protected] or visit

Change log v3,000: (November 25, 2015)

– MANY languages were added! If you find an error, please email us at [email protected].

– Added a way to join / add servers via links, for server promotion purposes
– He actually fixed the development console
– Added an option to automatically set the language set in the initiator as Minecraft’s initiator language (only if available)
– Many errors were corrected and reported by email

– The confusion in the Spanish language was corrected, sorry about that!
– We have a new website URL!

Registration change v3,100 (February 24, 2016)
– Minecraft boostrap updated to v18 for compatibility with snapshots 1.9 and above!
– Fixed incorrect language translations
– Added Dutch / nl and Thai translations
– Many thanks to those who help us with translations! Visit for information on how to help us!

Change log v4.000 (July 24, 2018)
– Added support for the latest boostrap (1.13 snapshots and above)

Change log v4.100 (July 25, 2018)
– Incompatibility with versions lower than 1.9 corrected

Registration change v4,200 (March 16, 2019)
– Fixed development console for Windows users
– From an overwhelming amount of suggestions, an obscure theme was added, you can turn on/off the
– Update the internal browser to fix JavaScript problems for some users
– Stability enhancements for most recent / later snapshots to 1.13.2
– Fixed a random error when installing Forge 1.7.10 where it would launch normal 1.7.10 instead of forge

Change log v4,300 (September 11, 2019)
– Fixed a critical error that did not work with 1.14+
– Fixed the error with the grey play button when loading newer versions

Steps to install Shiginima on Mac OS

For MAC users, it is likely that by double-clicking on the Shiginima Launcher SE.v4400.jar file our IOS will detect that we are trying to open an installer that is not from the official application store. This poster will appear:

Shiginima Launcher SE.v4400.jar cannot open mac os
Shiginima Launcher SE.v4400.jar cannot open mac os

Don’t worry, we hit the “OK” button and go to “System Preferences” and look for the “Security and Privacy” icon

Install Shiginima Launcher on MAC OS
Install Shiginima Launcher on MAC OS

Within this section we will see the following warning

Open anyway to install the Launcher
Open anyway to install the Launcher

Now let’s look again at the poster that asks if we are sure to open the file because MAC OS cannot verify the app developer. We click “Open” without problems.

Ready, we have the Shiginima downloaded and installed on our MAC, ready to play Minecraft.

Shiginima Launcher downloaded for Mac OS
Shiginima Launcher downloaded for Mac OS


Every time we want to play, we have to double-click on the .jar file, so keep it in a safe place on your Macintosh.

Guide to install Shiginima on Windows

Now let’s see how the process of downloading and installation in Windows operating system is. The first thing is to go to the website to download the .exe that allows us to perform the entire process. Although it is very similar to the Mac, we will perform complete.

Enter the official Shiginima launcher website
Enter the official Shiginima launcher website

In the official site we enter the link “Click to Download v4.400”. We will go to a screen where we will see the following:


Once the .zip file is downloaded, we extract the files and find the following inside the folder

Files and folders inside the installer
Files and folders inside the installer

We choose to open the “Windows” folder and find the application to run:

Ejecutar Shiginima exe
Run Shiginima exe

We double click on the exe and the following window will open, it will ask us to extract again the files inside, we click on the button “Extract all”.

We open the installer files again
We open the installer files again

Then we proceed to extract the files in the desired location.

We select the location of the extraction
We select the location of the extraction

Now let’s go back to the folders and see the installer again, with a change of icon perhaps. What we do is double click on that new installer.

Click on the installer again
Click on the installer again

A pop up will open to confirm that we are going to run the program finally, we click on “Run” or “Execute”.

We confirm that we are going to run the program
We confirm that we are going to run the program

For operating system security reasons we are asked if we are sure because the owner could not be verified, then you have to verify that it is not invasive or pirated software.

When we give OK, we have the launcher ready running in Windows, now, to play.

We open the Shiginima Launcher in Windows
We open the Shiginima Launcher in Windows

What did you think of the tutorial, was it useful, were you able to download and install Shiginima?

I hope you liked it and found this tutorial guide to download the launcher helpful. If you have any comments to add, if you have any questions, any mistakes, please comment!


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