Download TLauncher for Minecraft on PC and Mac (2023)

See how to download and install TLauncher for Minecraft correctly and start playing

In this article we will go step by step in a guide to download and install TLauncher for Minecraft on our PC (Windows or Mac). It is one of the most used and downloaded launchers in the world Craftero for its ease of use and options it offers. You’ll be able to configure mods, skins, play all versions from the first to the last through the snapshots.

It also saves us many steps to be able to use Forge and Optifine, with just a couple of clicks we have already installed and running these addons that allow us to improve and modify the game.

A simple and powerful layer and skin installation system that gives us the opportunity to create our own masks and layers in HD. The use of this module is free. Let’s see how to download and install on your computer, we will see how to use it in Windows and Mac.

To install any launcher and play Minecraft you need to have JAVA installed on your PC or Mac. You can download it from here

Download TLauncher for Minecraft in Windows and install it correctly

The first thing we have to do obviously is go to the official website and download the file to install the program on our PC. The website is this.

Descargar el Tlauncher del sitio web oficial
Download the Tlauncher from the official website

Inside the web site we go to the button that we see in the image, down to the left, we click there.

We choose the first icon / button, which is the Windows one.

Descargamos TLauncher en nuestro ordenador
Download TLauncher to your computer

This way we will have already downloaded an exe file in our computer, ready to be installed. Then once we have completed the download, we proceed to click to start the installation.

Pantalla de bienvenida del TLauncher para Minecraft
TLauncher welcome screen for Minecraft

He basically welcomes us and tells us that he will help us install TLauncher with version 2.69 on our computer. We go ahead and continue with the installation.

Listo para Instalar
Ready to Install

In the previous image, they indicate where they will finally place the files inside our PC.

And in the next screen we can configure TLauncher so that when the installer finishes, it runs automatically and creates a shortcut link on the desktop. I left it as it was.

Configuración básica
Basic configuration

Ready! Complete installation, we already have the Tlauncher completely installed, click on “Complete” to finish.

In the image below we can see the Tlauncher ready to be configured in its entirety. On the right we see a menu with the buttons “How to play”, “Help”, “Install Skin”, “How to install Minecraft 1.16”, “Animated Layers”, and its links to its official page.

Tlauncher Minecraft
Tlauncher Minecraft

In the main panel on the left we see the new features of the version and everything we need to be aware of. On the bar below, we see the fields to enter the user name, choose the Minecraft version to install and a big button to “Install”.

How to download and install TLauncher for Minecraft on Mac

The first steps are similar to the installation in Windows, to summarize, we go to the official website, download the correct file by selecting the Mac button, and we will unzip what we just downloaded. Inside the folder we will find the following files:

Dentro de la carpeta Tlauncher en Mac
Dentro de la carpeta Tlauncher en Mac


First let’s read what’s in the Readme.txt:

– If you do not want to be left unprotected (developer not specified)
1) Open “Settings” and go to “Security
2) Click on “Confirm Opening”. The launcher will open!

– If the launcher did not start or an error occurred
1) Install Java again by downloading the installer from the official site
(If you have Java 9 or 10, you should install Java 8 and get the initiator running from it,
or remove Java 9 or 10 completely).

Interestingly it gives us a warning that we may have some kind of known error, and gives us some possible solutions. I always recommend reading the readme.txt files because there is a reason why they are placed there.

Now let’s double click on the file “TLauncher-2.69.jar”. It is very likely that this warning will not come out of Mac:

Tlauncher 2.69.jar no se puede abrir porque proviene de un desarrollador no identificado
Tlauncher 2.69.jar cannot be opened because it comes from an unidentified developer

It is normal and has a solution. Go to “System Preferences”, then “Security and Privacy”.

We look for the “Open Anyway” button and click it.

Mac OS no puede verificar el desarrollador de la app Tlauncher-2.69.jar
Mac OS cannot verify the developer of the Tlauncher-2.69.jar app

A new window will appear asking if we are sure to open the application because it recognizes that Mac OS cannot verify the developer of the app. And explains that basically we take care that can lead to problems with our Mac. It really is very low risk if we always download from official sources. So let’s press “Open”.

Tlauncher para Mac descargado e instalado listo para usar
Tlauncher for Mac downloaded and installed ready to use

Now we can finish setting up the Tlauncher on our Mac and enter the game. We can enter our user, choose the version we want to play and access more advanced settings from the wheel icon at the bottom right.

Now we can enter to play Minecraft with Tlauncher on Mac.

What did you think of the tutorial, did you manage to download and install Tlauncher Minecraft correctly?

We described step by step in this tutorial how to download and install Tlauncher for Windows and Mac correctly. If you followed all the steps you should be able to play Minecraft without problems with one of the best launchers for this game. If you had any errors or questions, you can ask them in our comments and we’ll help each other. If there’s any question missing, we’ll let you know so we include it in this article, and if it worked for you and you have friends who are looking for the best launcher, share our website so they can decide which one they like best. Comment!


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