How to Download Launcher Titan (Team Xtreme) for Minecraft on your PC and Mac (2024)

Complete guide to download and install the Titan Launcher (Team XTreme) for Minecraft

The Titan Launcher Team Xtreme for Minecraft has very little information on the internet, about its origin, its features, whether it’s still active and who’s maintaining it. Around this launcher it’s all unknown and we only know that there are a couple of links to download it, that we only get it for PC and that it’s probably not the best option to play Minecraft, since there’s no support, no big community using it. Anyway there are other launchers to play Minecraft not premium and we show them to you in this site. We only know that’s their name, and some more details that we’ll see below:

In the previous link we can download the file that allows us to install this mysterious launcher for computer. Official website: Minecraft Titan Launcher and Minecraft Titan Launcher 

To install any launcher and play Minecraft you need to have JAVA installed on your PC or Mac. You can download it from here

Step by step to download and install Titan Launcher (Team Extreme) for Minecraft [Pc and Mac]

We enter the website, and click on the download button:

Website to download Team Xtreme for Minecraft
Website to download Team Xtreme for Minecraft

You would have to start downloading a file called “Team Xtreme Minecraft Launcher.exe“, wait for the download to complete and then click on it.

Once downloaded, we will click on it to start the installation in our Windows (below we explain how to install it on Mac)

We run the file to install Team Xtreme for Minecraft
We run the file to install Team Xtreme for Minecraft

In this window the operating system asks us if we are sure to run the program because the manufacturer could not be verified. It’s really just a warning, but there’s nothing to worry about. Let’s install without problems by clicking on the “Run” or “Install” button.

Titan Team Xtreme Launcher installed correctly without errors
Titan Team Xtreme Launcher installed correctly without errors

Ready! We have the launcher installed on our computer and ready for you to log in and start playing Minecraft.

Install on Mac

In order to install this launcher on the Mac we have to rename the .exe file to .jar (from ‘minecraft launcher.exe’ to ‘minecraft launcher.jar’). Once this is done, double-click the file, if it doesn’t work, open the Mac Terminal in the directory containing the file and type the following: java -jar “Minecraft Launcher.jar” (Assuming that java is the path)

Fixing some known errors

What if my antivirus won’t let me install the launcher

This can happen because Windows recognizes the program as an unknown file and the antivirus does not allow you to install it.

Try disabling your antivirus protection, just for installation. Once it is installed, we can activate it again.

It is probable that a window appears to us with a text similar to “more information” or something like that, then we give click to him to “Execute anyway”.

Wait for your virus protection to scan the file. This may take some time depending on your protection. The file should start once it is complete.

Try renaming the file from ‘minecraft launcher.exe’ to ‘minecraft launcher.jar

Download and install Optifine (It does not come by default)

Make sure you have Optifine installed because on Titan it does not come by default, you can download it at the following official link:

What did you think of the Titan (Team Xtreme), did you find it good?

What do you think about this launcher, was the tutorial useful, were there any mistakes, if you had any problem, comment here below in the comments, this way we can help each other to get out doubts and share knowledge. You can also comment on what you think if you use this program or another one or some secret trick you have to share in the craft community. We read!

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