How to Download Launcher Fenix Minecraft on your PC and Mac 2023

Step by step tutorial to download and install Launcher Fénix Minecraft (Auto-Upgradeable v6 [5.3+]) on your PC and Mac [Full Guide]

A step-by-step guide to download and install Minecraft’s famous Fenix Launcher on your computer. In addition we will see some features of this program that allows us to start our game, save mods, layers, skins among other things. Is it easy to install, do you need JAVA?

First I’ll tell you that we’re doing a survey to know which is the best launcher for Minecraft No Premium, you can go to the previous link.

Launcher Fenix is incredibly famous in Mexico, the Mexicans love it, also in Spain, the Spanish found it very useful, no doubt in Argentina it’s very used since it’s a program made by an Argentinean, but it’s also downloaded in tons in Colombia, Chile and Venezuela. So it’s not strange that the community of this Minecraft launcher is so big and so important lately.

We also included the download link on the Fenix website so you can download it from there. We answer all the questions and doubts. We detail everything you need about this wonderful free program for non-stop crafting. Let’s see!

To install any launcher and play Minecraft you need to have JAVA installed on your PC or Mac. You can download it from here

What is Launcher Fenix for Minecraft?

The LauncherFenix is one of the most downloaded and installed within the Minecraft community due to its ease of use and simplicity, which offers a number of very useful features to be able to play in a Non-Premium and even Premium way, it also adds a type of use that they call “LauncherFenix”.

There’s even a little confusion about the name, many minecrafters look for it as “yofenix”, but that’s not really the correct name of the program, it’s the name of the administrator user of the also called “launcherfenix”. So you know, don’t look for yofenix, because there is no such program.

This launcher allows us to have easy access to install mods, layers, elytras and more options like our own chat to interact with other users. Also in its own page we can see a catalog of hundreds of layers, skins and mods to download, all compatible, of course, with this program.

You will see throughout the Internet that is one of the most used.

How to download Launcher Fénix Minecraft on Windows PC?

To download first we have to go to the official website and there we will be able to choose the .exe for Windows.

Download EXE for Windows

It is the original source from which we will get the latest and most reliable version.

Once we have the file on our computer, we go to decompress and enter the folders and files for installation.

LauncherFenix files on Windows PC
LauncherFenix files on Windows PC

We must have downloaded the files we see in the image:

  • LauncherFenix.rar
  • forge-1.14.3-27.0.12-installer
  • OptiFine_1.14.3_HD_U_F1
  • JavaSetup8u211

When we decompress the .rar we will see the following files:


Now let’s double click on the program indicated and we would have the Launcher running in Windows. It should look like this:

How to Download Launcher Fénix for Mac or Linux

Let’s download the file that allows us to install the launcher on our Mac or Linux. In this case I will do it from a Macbook with IOS, but the process for Linux is similar. The first thing is to go to download the file from the official link of the program:

Download JAR for Linux and Mac

Let’s get a file like this: LauncherFenix-Minecraft.jar

launcherfenix-minecraft.jar cannot be opened because it comes from an unidentified developer
launcherfenix-minecraft.jar cannot be opened because it comes from an unidentified developer

We hit the OK button, no problem, then we have to go to the “System Preferences” panel and choose the “Security and Privacy” option.

System Preferences > Security & Privacy (Mac IOS)
System Preferences > Security & Privacy (Mac IOS)

Once inside Security and Privacy we have to click on the “Open Anyway” button. Let’s see in the next image:

LauncherFenix jar blocked
LauncherFenix jar blocked

IOS will ask us again if we are sure to open the application, just click “Open”:

And ready Crafters, the Phoenix Launcher fully installed on our Mac or Linux, to play Minecraft No Premium! It has to look already installed like this! (Do not forget to install JAVA for use)

Features of Launcher Fenix

Some of the most remarkable features of this launcher are the following:

  • It allows you to play all versions of Minecraft, including snapshots.
  • Different languages available
  • 3 different types of access: LauncherFénix (Exclusive for those who have a registered user on the official Fénix website), Premium (For players who have purchased a premium version but want to use the Fénix Launcher options) and Non-Premium (This is the way to enter the game without an account, registration or anything else).
  • It is possible to have different profiles, each with its own settings and users.
  • You can configure the version of JAVA that you want to use.
  • It allows you to modify your character by adding layers, skins and elytras, although in order to use this option you must be registered and logged in to the official website.
  • It allows you to install Forge in a very simple way, which does not enable the use of mods.
  • It offers a news tab to know what kind of updates and modifications are made to the launcher.
  • It allows to download 2 versions one in EXE for Windows and another one in JAR for PC operating systems other than Windows.
  • It allows to see the status of the server we choose without having to be connected to the game.
  • It enables a console to track errors and see the internal process that the program performs.
  • Profile editor to be able to modify, edit and delete those profiles in a very easy way.
  • Version editor to see all the versions we have installed.
  • Complete panel to manipulate mods that allows us to enable or disable them according to our criteria, as well as being able to install new ones, delete them and even create new profiles and modify the mods in each profile.
  • It is FREE.

What did you think of the guide? Were you able to download and install the program correctly?

Send your comments and corrections or queries of errors, suggestions and everything you want to interact with other Crafters and help us all to have the launcher that we like best. Any suggestions, anything that we missed to add, please comment!


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