Bionization 3 is a mod that will turn our placid world into one full of viruses and bacteria capable of causing disease, both to our character, as well as to hostile animals and creatures in the game. During the night, infected creatures will come out to spread bacteria and viruses, and they can’t just spread through attacks, so be careful not to get infected.

The mod adds a new biome to the game called Infected Forest, which we can see in the image above. This biome is infested with viruses, the water is infected, and the creatures have rabies, among many other diseases, so surviving in these lands will not be an easy task. We can also find new dungeons, such as abandoned laboratories.

Along with everything mentioned, the mod adds a fair amount of content, like machines, new trees, plants, herbs, and disease cures. These machines will allow us to create antidotes to diseases, but they will also allow us to create viruses and bacteria, which depending on how we use them, we can obtain new effects and abilities for our character, or for weapons and tools.