Youtubers More is a mod that is responsible for generating famous Youtubers in the game. These NPCs with the appearances or skins of some of the most famous YouTubers in the Minecraft community are mostly foreigners, although Vegeta can also be found , Willyrex, alexby11, luzugames and bystaxx. Plus, Mojang team members like Jeb, Dinnerbone, Grumm, and the game’s creator, Notch.

Youtubers will only appear in new structures, in various ways, which will be generated around the world. These structures can have various shapes, such as prisons, houses, towers, and castles, among other structures. To find Mojang team members, you will need to come across the “Mojang Offices” structure.

These new characters can be hired by us to tame them and make them our companions. Once hired, they will defend us from enemies, they will be our friends and we can equip them with weapons and armor. We can also trade with them and get money to hire their services.