Xaero minimap is a mod that allows us to use a mini map that will show us our location, as well as if there are animals, enemies or other players near us. Also in the lower area of ​​the minimap it will indicate the name of the biome in which we are.

Another interesting feature of this mod is that it allows us to mark points of interest, which will be displayed both on the minimap and on our game screen, indicating how far we are, at all times, from the point we scored. Another interesting function is that when we die it will indicate the exact point where we died, so that we can go and collect our items.

We can configure all these features to our liking, accessing a customization menu by pressing the “Y” key. Among the configuration options we can also change the location of the screen where we want the mini map to be displayed. To increase or decrease the zoom of the map, we must use the “I” and “O” keys.