Xaero Minimap It offers us the possibility of using a minimap in our games, knowing where we are at all times, avoiding getting lost, saving points of interest, seeing the orography of the terrain and see if there are animals, enemies or other players near us.

On this map we can save points of interest, which will be displayed in two ways, both on the minimap itself and on our game screen. The points that appear on the screen indicate the distance to which we are from this place, as well as the direction we must follow to reach the point. Also, when dying, it will indicate the point where we died, thus allowing us to go and collect the objects that we had in the inventory.

The mod has a customization menu that will allow us to define which functions we want to activate and which ones we do not want. To access this menu, press the “Y” key. Another important key for the use of this mod are the zoom keys, which will allow us to increase or decrease the area of ​​​​the minimap that we see on the screen. You can enlarge and reduce with the “I” and “O” keys.