Xaero minimap is a mod that will allow us to use a mini map on our game screen to prevent us from getting lost when exploring the world. This map shows us nearby animals, enemies, other players and the orography of the biome in which we find ourselves.

One of its features to highlight is the possibility of saving personal points of interest, which will be displayed both on the minimap and on our game screen, indicating the direction of this place and the distance at which we we find at any time.

Another of its interesting functions is that when our character dies, the exact point where we died will be indicated on the map and on the game screen, allowing us to go and collect the items we had in our inventory.

All these features can be customized by us through a configuration menu, which we will access by pressing the “Y” key. You can enlarge or reduce the view of the minimap using the “I” and “O” keys.