wow It offers us the possibility of creating specific structures using functional blocks to create enemy factories, from which objects and experience will be extracted without us having to intervene in the process, in fact we do not we won’t even have to be present. It will be enough to fetch the accumulated experience and the objects collected in a chest.

With these farms we will no longer have to wait for enemies to appear and then kill them, collect and save experience and items. This whole process will be managed by our autonomous farms.

In the following video you can see how the mod works and its concept. Although you should not follow the instructions of the structures that appear in the video, because they are from an older version of the mod and no longer work. Although it can serve as an example to see what we can achieve with this mod. To create the structures correctly, we will have to create a guide that the mod adds, where it will tell us how to build the correct structures for the autonomous farms.