Weather, storms and tornadoes is a mod that adds new challenges to the survival game mode, which means that in addition to the rest of the dangers and problems that Minecraft players have to face, they now also have to be aware of the weather, which will change quickly and, in a manner, unpredictable.

The meteorological effects that we can find will be strong storms, both of water, snow and sand, in the deserts. These storms will be localized, that is, they will not cover the whole world, but certain areas of it, and will occur mostly taking into account temperature changes between biomes. The greatest destructive potential of this mod is undoubtedly the tornadoes, which will literally tear blocks from the ground in their path.

The mod makes various weather measurement items available to players to “warn” the weather. Also to protect our buildings, or whatever we want, from tornadoes, we can create a block called a “deflector block”, which will protect an area of ​​150 blocks around it.