Weapon Crate Loot is a mod that adds a lot of swords to Minecraft. While we can’t craft them using new minerals, or anything like that, we’ll get them by “luck”.

To get the swords of this mod we have to search the chests of the dungeons, the temples of the desert or the fortresses of the Nether. Inside these chests we will find a square object with a drawn sword. If we place this object in our hand and right click, a “roulette system” will be activated where chance will give us one type of sword or another.

In addition to the different varieties of swords, there are four types, common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. The values ​​that change between them are the attack power. Besides that, there are 5 other variants, Broken, Good, Almost Broken, Crude, Flawless and Perfect. These values ​​denote the durability of the sword.