water filter It offers us a way to passively obtain resources and materials, that is, without doing anything to obtain them. The mod allows us to make different types of filters that, when placed in a stream of water, will accumulate resources and materials that represent being carried away by the current.

These filters, placed in the middle of a stream of water, will be able to accumulate materials such as sand, clay, earth, wood, stone, gravel, as well as objects and resources such as only sticks of wood and nuggets of gold, among others, like fish. .

The mod will allow us to create a total of ten filter variants. The difference between all of them is that some will be able to accumulate greater amounts of materials and resources, depending on their cost of manufacture, that is, the more expensive a filter is to manufacture, the more rewards it will bring us. .

This mod is in beta development stage, so it may still contain errors or bugs. We will publish their respective updates in this same article.