waila It is responsible for generating small boxes in the upper area of ​​the screen, which will indicate information about any block on which we point with the cursor, whether it is a predefined block of the game or if it is is a block added by a mod. This allows us to know, for example, the name of the block we are looking at, as well as the mod to which it belongs.

Additionally, this mod offers an API for modders to add additional information to these info boxes, as can be seen in the example image below, where in addition to the block name and to which mod it belongs to, we can see the information about the contents of the unopened block in the GUI of this block.

This mod is very useful for those of us who install many mods in Minecraft, because it will allow us to know which mod belongs to any block or object that you point with the mouse, and will improve our user experience, because in many case we will avoid opening the interface of machines or blocks that contain their own interface.