waila It is responsible for showing us information about various elements of the game, as well as elements added by other mods that we have installed in our Minecraft. This information is displayed by means of informative cards, which appear on the screen when we point with the mouse crosshairs on any functional block or object in the game.

The information that the mod shows us is very useful if we have a large number of mods installed and we do not know which mod a block or object belongs to, since in addition to the name of the object the mod will show us to which mod it belongs to. Also, if the block or object has its own interface, it will show us information without having to open its interface.

Let’s take an example, when you point with the mouse crosshairs on one of the Industrial Craft machines, the mod will show us information about this machine, showing us its name, which mod this object belongs to, as well as information about the machine. interface of this machine. . That is, we don’t have to do anything other than point at an object to know information about it.