voxels is a mod that adds a new economic system to the game, whose currency is “voxels”. This currency will be used to trade within the system created by this mod, where the merchants will no longer be the villagers, but the Creepers.

This mod is responsible for generating a new type of village, where various Creeper species live. Some of them are hostile towards our character, but some of them are simple merchants and a little “smarter” than the default Creepers. Creeper villages can spawn in the plains, desert, savanna, and ocean biomes. In these villages, various types of Creeper buy and sell their wares as if it were a market.

We will be able to obtain “voxels”, the currency of this mod, by killing enemies or by selling our articles and objects to the Creepers who buy them. Once we have “voxels” we can buy items from the vanilla game, but also from any mod that adds “voxels” as currency.