VoidCraft This will allow us to access a new dimension that is below the Bedrock layer, and since this block cannot be mined, we will have to create an access portal to the new dimension. This dimension is called “The Void”, the void in Spanish, and we will find new mineral and material resources that will allow us to create a good amount of new things, such as machines, ovens, weapons, tools, armor and miscellaneous items.

To access this dimension we will first have to go through the End dimension, since we will need to collect certain objects called Void Crystals. These items, along with Obsidian Bottles, will allow us to create our portal to the Void Dimension. Before entering this dimension, it is recommended to equip yourself well, since we will find hostile creatures and powerful bosses.

In order to understand the evolution within this mod, as well as the blocks and objects it adds, it is advisable to craft the “Void Vade Mecum”, a guide that will show us how to advance in this mod and how to create, and what they are for, any objects you add.

This mod is in beta development stage, so it may still contain errors or bugs. We will publish their respective updates in this same article.