vampirism presents us with a world with new inhabitants, very hostile. When installing the mod we will find a world full of vampires and other hostile creatures roaming the world, although they have their own biome where they appear more frequently. Villages are also generated in this new biome, and even Count Dracula’s castle, which we can access when we have become a vampire and have a certain level.

To start we will have to become a vampire and for that we will have to let a vampire bite us. Once we are infected, we can perform blood rituals to raise our vampire level, obtaining powerful and interesting abilities along the way, such as transforming into a bat so that we can fly, and finally being able to access the castle of the Count Dracula.

Once we have managed to enter the castle of the vampire lord, we will only have to defeat Dracula to snatch his title of vampire lord from him and obtain many spectacular and powerful abilities.