Universal remote controller is a mod that will allow us to create a remote control that, after being linked to a block or object that has its own interface, will allow us to access said interface at any distance from the object or block. We can even access the interface remotely if we are in different dimensions.

The operation is simple, after making a remote control we will place it in the hands of the character, we will approach an oven, chest or DIY table and pointing at the object we will press “Shift + right mouse click” to link the PLC with the block or object interface. If we now go anywhere and press the right mouse button, with the remote control in our hands, we will remotely access the chest, oven or crafting table. So we will not always have to carry these blocks or objects in our inventory.

In addition, the mod will allow us to use this same functionality with the blocks and objects added by other technical mods, such as Refined Storage or RFTools.