tumbleweed It’s a really simple mod, since it adds only one plant to the game, which can also only be found in one biome of the game, in the desert. But don’t expect to find it there yet, as this plant or groups of plants are known as steppe sliders, tumbleweeds, also known as desert clouds or waterwheels.

If we visit a desert with this mod installed, we will find tumbleweeds, doing what they do best, rolling on the ground. If we manage to catch one and press the right mouse button, an inventory will open where we can find random objects from the game, which can be earth blocks or diamonds, to give some examples.

The mod suggests that the tumbleweeds are in fact the typical dead bushes found in the desert, so we can create a plantation of dead bushes so that the tumbleweeds are generated, as we see in the image below, and thus obtain the random items found inside.