Trade Orbs It is a fairly simple mod, since it only adds an object to the game. This new object is an orb that will allow us to exchange mineral resources more or less proportional to their value. The orb will allow us, for example, to exchange eight units of Redstone for an iron ingot, or an emerald for a diamond.

All of this will be possible if we first craft the base item of the game, called “Exchange Orb” and place it on a crafting table with the base mineral resources of the game, such as coal, iron, gold, lapis lazuli, redstone, emerald and diamond.

In fact, we create a large amount of charcoal, we can trade until we get diamonds without having to go to the mines to look for them. Sometimes it happens that we fill the chests with Redstone that we do not use, and with this mod we will be able to turn these “waste” into valuable mineral resources.