totem It takes us into the universe of Native American culture through objects and features that refer to their customs, through rituals, tools, stores such as houses, musical instruments, their totems and even the buffalo from their prairies.

As we can guess from the name, this mod allows us to create different types of totems, which will provide certain unlimited benefits to the player who is within the range of one of these totems. The differences between the totems are basically the type of wood used to make them, which will allow you to achieve certain effects and others.

In addition to the effects, we will be able to use the musical instruments around our totems, which together with the dance will serve to further improve the effects or abilities that the totem offers our character. In order to learn more about the different effects and power-ups, it is important to create the “Totempedia”, a mod book/guide that will guide us through its functions and craftsmanship.