Totem Defender This will allow us to create and use different types of totems as defensive elements in our homes or important buildings, to be able to defend ourselves from hostile incursions, from overly curious enemies or from animals from which we want to obtain something.

Each totem has an interface that will allow us to define the objective of our attacks, that is, to indicate specific enemies or specific animals, to choose the type of attack or weapon that we want the totem uses and the ammo it should use. Additionally, each totem has four upgradable attributes, which are speed, attack power, totem level, and attack radius.

To build one of these totems, normal wood will not be enough, but it will be necessary to use totem wood for its manufacture. This wood can be obtained by obtaining tall grass seeds. We can create wood, iron, gold and diamond totems, and in this same order they will be more or less powerful and effective.