Toggle Blocks is a mod that will allow us to make blocks appear or disappear with just a redstone signal. The mod adds a basic element, the “Toogle Block Controller”. This block allows us to access a configuration interface that allows us to select the blocks or objects that we want to display or not, when a redstone signal is received.

There are five variants of the “Toogle Block Controller” block. What differentiates one variant from another is the amount of “Change Blocks” that we will get by placing the controller somewhere. The “Change Blocks” are blocks which are used as “guide” to put the blocks which one wants to hide or make appear. That is, to place two hidden blocks, we will have to place two “Edit Blocks”.

If we place a small “Tool Block Controller”, we will get 5 “Change Block”, which means that we can show or hide up to 5 blocks or objects. The five variants simply provide more blocks that we can modify. These are the quantities offered by each of the five variants: 5 “Change Blocks”, 15, 30, 50, 100 and infinite blocks (the latter can only be used in creative mode).

Reading the functions of this mod may seem complicated, but it is actually very simple. The mod allows us to use our imagination to create all kinds of traps or hide things like doors, secret areas, objects and even houses and buildings. In short, we will be able to troll, hide things and hide by simply activating a lever.