to pursue is a mod that will allow us to increase the interaction of our character with the environment, allowing us to pick up certain blocks and animals with our hands and carry them on our back as far as we want.

This will allow us, for example, to pick up a chest full of objects with our hands, without having to empty the contents, and take it to any other place we want. The same can be done with various blocks, such as ovens, hoppers, droppers, popular tech mods, and animals.

This feature allows objects and machines to be moved without losing states, metadata, inventories and NBT data. El funcionamiento es sencillo, ya que tan sólo tenemos que acercarnos a un cofre, horno, máquina o animal y pulsar “Shift + clic derecho del ratón” para recoger el objeto o entidad, y botón derecho del ratón para soltarlo o dejarlo de nuevo en floor.