to cross is a mod that is responsible for modifying the generation of terrain in Minecraft, to add new biomes to the game. At the moment the mod adds up to seven new biomes, all based on predefined blocks in the game, so we will only see no abyssal changes, but more variety.

The new biomes that we will find are: Mini Jungle, a mountainous and humid biome, Red Desert, a simple red sand desert, Meadow, a plain full of tall grass, bushes and flowers, Green Swamp – Lush, a swamp with slightly taller trees, The Woodlands, which is a plain with yellowish grass, low trees and logs on the ground, The Autumnal Woods, which is an oak forest with foliage of autumn trees typical and Temperate Forest, which is a dense biome of fir trees.

In the following image you can see an example of what these new biomes will look like.