The spice of life is a mod that aims to modify the behavior of certain foods on the health of our Minecraft character, so that, as in real life, food is important for the health of the character. If we try to eat well in Minecraft, that is, a diet rich in food and a balanced diet, our character will be healthier and it will cost less to regain health.

Now our character can suffer from malnutrition, which will lead to illnesses and loss of health. To avoid this, you must avoid always eating bread, or always eating meat continuously. Just like in real life, if we only eat bread we will end up sick, in Minecraft too. So you see starting to feed yourself properly, also in Minecraft, if you don’t want to suffer from malnutrition problems.

The mod allows us to create new cooking recipes, with a higher level of nutrients and higher food values. If we eat well and varied, our character will more easily regenerate his health, otherwise, it will be more and more difficult to heal our character.