Terraque is a mod that adds a lot of agricultural and gardening content to the game, as well as tools for working in the gardens and processing the crops that we harvest. This without leaving aside the blocks and decorative objects to decorate our orchards and gardens in Minecraft.

This mod adds fruit trees, as well as new plants, flowers and shrubs, from which we can obtain fruits, such as lemons, oranges and apples, among others. In short, it adds a wide variety of crops and fruits, which will not only grow in orchards, but will also grow on trees.

In terms of tools, functional blocks and objects, the mod adds pergolas, new colored pots, a new type of oven, a new crafting table, variants of the game’s basic tools and exclusives for agriculture and gardening. The mod adds a lot of new crafts, so it is advisable to use the “/FruzstratedsGuide” command to read the mod guide.