TeleToro is a mod that will allow us to create a portal to another dimension, called Teletory. This dimension will allow us to travel quickly to any other point in the world, since each block of distance in the Teletory dimension is equivalent to 64 blocks of distance in the predefined dimension of the game.

In addition to this feature, this dimension is made up of small floating islands, and although life does not exist, we will be able to obtain a new mineral, called Ender Ore, which, when burned in an oven, will allow us to create cool new items, as well as a simple place to get a good amount of ender pearls.

To create the portal, we must collect four Ender pearls on a crafting table, in the form of a 2 × 2 square. This block will be used to create the structure of the portal, while with a lighter we can light the gate.