Taming mobs It is a mod that will allow us to tame our enemies, yes, as you have read. Although at the moment this function is only available with spiders, creepers and zombies, in the future its author plans to extend it to other mobs.

In order to tame one of these beings, we need to craft a rod called “Branding Iron”. With this in hand, we will right click on a mob and after dialing all the numbers on the tool interface before the time runs out, we will have found a new partner, which we can name.

Once a mod is tamed, we will right click on it to access its inventory, where we can store items and change its “character” for other mobs. We will have three options, that our companion who acts passively in front of the other mobs, that is to say that he does nothing, in assistance mode, that he defends us when they attack us, and in aggressive mode, that he he only goes after enemies.