suzerain It is a mod that will allow us to create, from crafting, an army of skeletons that we can use both to defend positions, and to have them accompany us in our adventures, and defend ourselves from those enemies who want to kill us. Each of these skeletons will have an upgrade system, so they can level up their skills in the art of war.

We can set three states for each skeleton, which are passive, which won’t attack anyone, neutral, which will attack when they attack us or them, and aggressive, which will attack any hostile entity that comes within its creature detection radius. In addition, we can define three activities for each skeleton, which are, stand still, patrol a specific area and accompany us on our adventures.

The skeleton leveling system is a bit curious, because in order for a skeleton to increase its experience and improve its combat skills, it will need to have milk in its inventory. We don’t know why, although it could be to improve the level of calcium in your bones. Joking aside, we have to press the right mouse button on one of our skeletons to access its inventory, where we can add buckets of milk and manage its status and actions.