suzerain It offers us the possibility of creating an army of skeletons ready to defend against enemies in Minecraft. We can create these skeletons from crafting and once created we can order them to follow us, to patrol a specific area, for example around our house or to follow us on our adventures. We can also equip them with weapons and pieces of armor.

In addition to giving orders to our skeletons, we can define if we want them to be passive and therefore not attack any creature, if we want them to be neutral, which will only attack when attacked or when they will attack us, or aggressive, which will attack any hostile entity.

Each of the skeletons in our army can improve their skills by fighting enemies, as long as they have milk, yes milk, maybe they need calcium for so many bones. To give milk to a skeleton we will right click on it and we will put buckets of milk in its inventory. This way you can start to level up and gain experience in battles.