suzerain is a mod that allows us to create an army of skeletons to use them as companions in adventures, to defend ourselves from attacks or to attack the enemies of the game. We will have to create these skeletons ourselves through various recipes and we will be able to equip weapons, armor and shields.

Our skeletons can have three states. Passive that they won’t attack anyone. Defense, which will only attack if an enemy attacks it. And aggressive, to attack enemies. On the other hand, we can define their movements in Follower, which will follow us. Wander Area, that what it will do is patrol within a radius of its location. And finally Stationed, which will remain stationary in one position.

These skeletons can evolve by giving them milk. To do this, we will access the inventory of the skeleton in question, right-clicking on it, and we will place buckets of milk in its inventory. This will increase your health and scale your power levels.