stocky animator is a mod that aims to improve the aspect of loading chunks, as any Minecraft map is loaded. As you may know, Minecraft chunks load instantly, producing a pretty ugly visual effect. This mod wants to fix that.

With this mod installed, the loading of the pieces will be animated, that is, when the piece appears, an animation will be activated that will make the blocks of this piece in other positions to offer us an animation like this area of ​​the the map is loaded. We will be able to choose between three types of animations, and we will also be able to modify the speed of action of each of these three predefined animations.

These animations can make chunks load slower, as they render blocks in various positions as the world loads. To change the animation, or its speed, as well as if you don’t know what a chunk is, or if you don’t quite understand what the function of this mod is, we recommend you watch this video to answer all these questions.