Steve’s Hell is a mod that aims to give Minecraft a hellish touch, adding a new dimension, full of demonic creatures. This mod is inspired by another video game, Dantes Inferno, so those who have played this game may find some similarities.

The mod adds a few new features to the Overworld except for the creatures that will visit us at night. Instead, much of the changes will be in the Nether, where we will initially have two new creatures, the Demon and the Lava Snail. Once in the Nether, we can create a portal to Inferno. For this we will have to create a portal, as always, changing only obsidian for quartz and lighting the portal with “Demonized Rod”.

In Hell, we will find much of the content of this mod, starting with demonic creatures, new materials, objects, and more. Although if we get tired of hell, we can also create a portal to the Garden of Eden, replacing the obsidian with gold blocks and lighting the portal with “Angelic Rod”. In the Garden of Eden we will find angels, and much more.