spartan weaponry It is a mod that will allow us to make several types of weapons, some to be used in close combat, and others designed to perform docking at a distance. The weapons this mod adds to the game are based on weapons from an older mod, Balkon’s Weapons, which is now obsolete.

Apart from the fact that each of the weapons is intended for a type of attack or situation, the use of one or the other weapon will also bring various effects or properties that will help the player depending on the type of fight he is fighting. , for example, bonuses for damage or extended range, to name a few examples.

Now let’s get into the weapons we can make and use. The mod will allow us to create a dagger, a katana, a rapier, a saber, a long sword, a great sword, a halberd, a spear, a throwing knife, a javelin, a longbow, a crossbow, a throw, a hammer, a warhammer and another weapon more.