Soul Shards is a mod that allows us to create our own creature generators or “spawners” in our Minecraft games in survival mode, allowing us to place creature generators wherever we want and with different levels of speed to generate mobs. This will allow us to make really efficient monster farms since many mobs can be spawned in a short time.

The process is simple, the first thing we have to do is the structure that allows us to obtain empty soul gems (see image below). Once this structure is built, we will place a diamond in our character’s hand and right-click on the Glowstone block, obtaining an empty soul gem. This gem must be filled with enemy souls, so we will place it in our inventory and go in search of battles.

To create a creature spawner, we need to create a cage that adds the mod, in the crafting table. Once we have the cage, we place it where we want and with our full soul gem, in hand, we will right click on the cage, and we will have our creature generator.