Soul Shards This will allow us to create our own creature generators, which we can place wherever we want, generate the creatures we want and modify the frequency of generation of creatures as we wish.

This mod will allow us to create very simple enemy farms, since we will not have to make great inventions to wait for the enemies to generate themselves, but instead we will place a generator and the enemies will start to generate.

Although it may seem complex, the operation of the mod is simple. The first thing we need to do is create the structure that we see in the image below. Once created, we will place a diamond in the character’s hand and press the right mouse button on the luminous stone block. In this way we will obtain empty soul gems, which we can fill by eliminating mobs, thus filling them with the souls of our enemies.

When we have managed to fill a soul gem, we can create a cage (creature generator). If we place the soul gem, full, in our hand and press the right mouse button on the cage, we will have created a creature generator, and they will start generating automatically.