Soul Shards is a mod that allows us to create monster generators in Minecraft survival mode. In this way, we will not have to create “complex” mob generation systems, it will be enough to create a generator, choose the mob to spawn and create the trap for it. With these generators we can set the speed and spawn rate of creatures, in order to quickly and easily create really effective enemy farms.

To start creating this system, we will need to create the structure that we see in the image below. To get an empty soul gem, we must place a diamond in the character’s hand and press the right mouse button in the center of the structure, that is, in the luminous stone block.

This will allow us to obtain empty soul gems, which we can fill with the souls of the enemies we eliminate. When we have filled a gem, we will create a cage on the crafting table and place it where we want. Then, with the full soul gem in hand, we will press the right mouse button on the cage. Lo and behold, the creatures will start auto-generating.