Solar thermal is a mod that will allow us solar panels, with which we can generate RF energy (Redstone Flux). Although several types of solar panels appear in the image, we can only create one type of solar panel, but we can improve it through crafts and objects, improving the ability to generate energy of the solar panel.

To manufacture and improve the performance of our solar panels, we will have to find new minerals. In total, the mod adds four new mineral resources, two of which can be found in the Overworld, while another will be found in the Nether, and another in the End.

It is the relationship between the ability to generate energy and to distribute this stored energy, depending on the level of improvement of the solar panel. Level 1 generates 16RF and transfers 32RF. T2 generates 32RF and transfers 64RF, T3 generates 64RF and transfers 128RF. T4 generates 128RF and transfers 256RF. T5 generates 256RF and transfers 512RF. T6 generates 512RF and transfers 1024RF. Lunar T1 generates 8RF and transfers 32RF/t. Lunar T2 generates 16RF and transfers 64RF. Lunar T3 generates 32RF and transfers 128RF.