Simply coffee is a mod that will allow us to plant and grow our own coffee plants, from which we will extract the coffee beans, which after following a certain process, will allow us to enjoy this drink. Not only is it an “aesthetic” matter, but coffee will bring effects to our character, since it is a stimulating substance in real life, and also in this mod.

To start, we will have to break the tall grass until we get a coffee fruit, which will be reddish in color. These seeds will be used to plant a plant or to make us a cup of coffee. If we plant them, they will grow the same as any other plant, only we won’t be able to use bone dust to advance their growth.

If we place the fruit of the plant on the crafting table, we will get four raw coffee beans. After cooking the coffee beans in an oven, we will get the roasted coffee beans. Now we will have to grind them in a mortar. Later, we’ll craft one of the mugs offered by the mod, and we’ll attach the roasted coffee to a mug on the crafting table. At this point we only have to heat the coffee in an oven.

As we said, we can make several types of coffee, and each of them will give us a stimulating effect. For example, coffee will only give you haste and a jump boost for 30 seconds. A latte will give us a rush and strength for 30 seconds. A coffee with milk and sugar will give us speed and strength for 30 seconds. Whereas an espresso will give us a boost and a boost for a minute.