Simple Teleporters It offers us the possibility of using teleporters to connect two points in the world and travel from one point to another instantly, regardless of the distance between one point and the other. Its mission is to allow us to achieve this functionality in the simplest possible way, so we will only need to create two objects.

The first thing we need to do is burn Ender’s eyes in a furnace, to get “Ender’s Crystals”. This object will allow us to connect the points of movement and will be necessary to craft the teleporter.

Once the teleporter is created, we place it in our house, for example, and we will go to a place where we want to travel quickly, for example the mine. Then we will place an “Ender Crystal” in the hand of our character and we will right click on the teleporter that we have placed in the mine. Then we will go home and right click with the “Ender Crystal” in hand, on the teleporter, so that the two are connected.

Now we can go and return to the mine instantly.