Simple teleporters This allows us to quickly and easily create teleporters, which we can interconnect with each other to be able to travel instantly from any point to any point we want, regardless of the distance between point A and point B. Crafting these teleporters is really simple, as we can see in the image below.

The first thing we will need is to create one or more “Ender Crystal”. To do this, we need to burn two eyes of ender in a furnace. These objects, called “Ender Crystal” will allow us to make the teleporters and to connect them to each other, in order to make instantaneous journeys.

Once we have created two teleporters, we can link them as follows. We put a teleporter on the ground and put an “Ender Crystal” in our hands. We will now press the right mouse button on the teleporter. Then we will go to the second teleporter and press the right mouse button with the same “Ender Crystal” in hand, and they will already be linked and can be used.