scent is a mod that is responsible for showing us the exact point where any vein of the different mineral resources that exist in the game is.

With this mod installed, a beam of particles of the same color as the mineral resource that we have near us will appear. That is, if we are close to a coal seam, a beam of black particles will appear that will take us to the exact point where the coal is. If what we detect is emerald, the particle beam will be green. And so with the rest of the minerals.

This mod has a customization and configuration menu that will allow us to select the mineral resources that we want it to detect, and therefore notify us. In addition, if we wish, we can change the color of the particle beam for each of the mineral resources. To do this, we will have to press the “O” key twice in a row. And remember that to activate the features of this mod, after entering a world, we will have to press the “O” key.