Runic spells is a mod that will allow us to create a staff and a wizard’s hat, as well as different types of runes with magical abilities. The combination of the cane, plus the hat, plus a rune will allow us to cast a spell.

To cast any spell we will have to put on the magician’s hat, as if it were a helmet, and place the cane in the character’s hand, while in the other hand we will place one of the different runes that we can create.

Magic runes are made using a new mineral resource, and in combination with other items already in the game, we can create runes of various types. At the moment we can create a total of three magic runes, those of teleportation, those of explosion and the runes to mount any animal or creature. Take a look at the mod creator’s video to see how to craft the crafting items and see how the system works.