RPG inventory It offers us a complete system of improvements for our Minecraft character, which in this case will work by adding various elements to the team, such as jewelry, armor and special weapons. These accessories and items will bring new skills to the character, new effects to weapons and armor, and allow us to improve attack and defense parameters.

The jewels with which we can equip our character are: bracelets, necklaces, rings, gloves and capes. These accessories will improve our speed, our jumping ability, increase the experience accumulated by the character and the regeneration of health. We can also create new types of weapons and armor sets that will allow us to improve attack and defense.

Not all of these jewelry items can be equipped from the character’s traditional inventory, as there are no slots for these accessories. So we will have to press “Shift + E” to access a new character inventory that will allow us to add the accessories we want.