Royal Bench offers two new features for one of the most used objects in Minecraft, the crafting table. On the one hand, the crafts will be registered in the crafting table, while on the other hand, the objects will appear while we are making them.

On the one hand, we will be able to keep the objects of a craft even if we leave the interface of the craft table, which translates into comfort, since we will not have to pick up the objects from the ground like that occurs without having this mod installed. In addition, it will allow us to leave a predefined craft within a crafting table to be able to create the same object several times without having to repeat the recipe.

Second, we have a feature that also brings an aesthetic improvement, since now any crafting that we leave inside a crafting table will be seen outside of it. That is, we will be able to see the objects in three dimensions, placed on a crafting table. In turn, this will allow us to teach someone how to craft, for example.