roots is a magic style mod based on the idea of ​​harnessing the hidden magical potential of living beings. The mod allows us to create rituals and spells that we can use both to attack and defend ourselves against enemies.

To start, it is important to create the “Runic Tablet”, a guide that will tell us what all the objects of the mod are for, the recipes for all the objects, and will guide us through the features of the mod. To make this object, you have to break the grass until you get a root. When we have it we will go to a crafting table and place a stone block in the center, normal seeds to the right, left and below the stone block and the root above the stone block (the guide is in English).

This mod is in beta development phase, so it may still contain errors, bugs or not have all its functions active. We will publish their respective updates in this same article.