rolled up is a mod that adds a new material to the game, bamboo, with which we can make a number of decorative elements for our buildings. Bamboo will appear randomly in tropical biomes. Once harvested, it must be left to dry in the sun, as can be seen in the image below, in order to work it.

With bamboo, we can make things like bamboo beams, bamboo building blocks, boards, footings, and stairs. We can also use bamboo to create ropes, which placed on ceilings and walls will allow us to climb as if it were a ladder.

The mod also generates halite clusters in the subsoil, from which we can extract mineral salt, which we can place in the world as if it were redstone, and create salt blocks. In future updates, the mod creator will add a new tropical biome, bamboo fences, new foods to combine with mineral salt, bamboo weapons and tools, and a few other things.